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How Does Family Therapy Work?

family therapy

If you’re considering family therapy, here’s what to know before you make your appointment.

If you feel that there’s a group or individual problem within your family, family therapy can be extremely beneficial. You may feel as if your family has many issues that need to be addressed, and you are not alone. Many families seek the help of a therapist to have helpful conversations about problems that are hard to discuss otherwise. If you’re considering family therapy, here’s what to know before you make your appointment.

When Is The Right Time?

The first thing you may consider is when exactly is the right time to get your family into therapy? The short answer is there is no exact time. You cannot be too late or too early in making an appointment for you and your family members. Whether one person has an issue that is affecting everyone else or there is another larger problem that is hurting everyone, the right time to make the appointment is as soon as you can. With family therapy, you are finding ways to solve larger issues that may exist within your family. As a family, you will be able to work toward better communication and more loving relationships.

What Should We Expect?

Depending on how young the children in your family are, the family or individuals may meet with your therapist. The younger the children are, the sessions tend to be more family-focused. If the children are adults, your therapist may suggest meeting with each member individually, rather than in a large group. After getting to know the individuals, your therapist will have a better idea of which kind of therapy will work best for your family. Seeking family therapy is a great way to address problems such as drug abuse, depression, alcoholism, and obesity.

How Should We Prepare?

If there is an individual family member with a specific problem that is being addressed, it is best to let your family member know that they are not alone. Try to get your family member to understand that family therapy is about allowing everyone to talk about the issues that go on within your family in a judgment-free place. Let your family member know that you are doing this for his or her good and the good of the family overall. When going to therapy, you are going to work toward goals as a group to overcome issues that you’ve been battling.

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