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Sign Language Interpreting - Deaf Services

Sign Language Interpreting at your fingertips!

At the Family Health Service, we employ two full-time staff interpreters to assist our Deaf members in the local community. Fluent in American Sign Language, they are available to sit in when visiting our staff, including our medical personnel.

Our Mission:

FSF’s mission is provide high quality, compassionate and comprehensive American Sign Language interpreting services to people, businesses, and communities specializing in the needs of the mental health and developmental disability communities.

Our History:

Recognizing the needs of our own clients, Family Service Foundation obtained a grant from the PG CSA to provide interpreting services to our clients in order to facilitate communication between consumers and Family Service Foundation staff involved with the consumer’s treatment and rehabilitation goals.

This grant also makes available American Sign Language interpreters to facilitate communication between deaf and hard of hearing staff and supervisors and other staff to facilitate the provision of services to deaf and hard of hearing consumers.

Due to the overwhelming needs of our own clients Family Service Foundation decided to start Family Service Signers as a way to enhance the community by providing interpreting services to others outside of our agency

FSF Interpreting Fee Schedule

Requests need to be made at least 3 business days in advance of the assignment to be considered at the general level.

General interpreting: 8:00am-9:00pm
$180 covers the first 2 hours with a 2-hour minimum and $65 each additional hour.

Night/weekend/holiday: 9:00pm-8:00am
$200 covers the first 2 hours with a 2-hour minimum and $75 each additional hour.


  • Assignments lasting more than 2 hours will require 2 interpreters. This is due to the risk of RMI (Repetitive Motion Injury).
  • All costs are per interpreter/per assignment.
  • Mileage: Any mileage over 20 miles will be reimbursed at $0.37 per mile.
  • Cancellations: Assignments must be cancelled at least 2 business days in advance or the entire service will be charged at a full fee.

Agencies who are interested in hiring from our pool of freelance interpreters are encouraged to contact us today at 301-459-2121.

At Family Service Foundation (FSF), a social services organization in Baltimore, Maryland, we are dedicated to providing advocacy and support to individuals with mental and physical disabilities that have recently left inpatient settings. Integration back into the community can be difficult; for that reason, each member of our team works to provide services specifically tailored to each individual and family that we work with. We believe that all individuals can achieve their highest levels of social, physical, and emotional well-being in the community when they have the proper support. FSF specializes in serving Deaf, Deaf-Blind, and individuals with intellectual disabilities. We also have American Sign Language interpreters on staff at all of our locations for the convenience of our Deaf and hard of hearing clients. For more information about The Family Service Foundation, please visit our website at or give us a call at 301-459-2121.
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