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The Pros and Cons of Seeing the Same Therapist as Your Friend or Family Member

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If you’re considering referring your therapist to your friend or family member, first weigh the pros and cons.

If you’re considering seeing the same therapist as your friend or relative, you might have a few questions as to how that could work out. When it comes to other medical practices, it’s easy to refer an internist or dentist to a friend or relative who is looking for someone they can trust. Therapists, however, provide a very intimate service for their clients. If you’re considering referring the same therapist to your friend or family member, first weigh the pros and cons.


A Sense of Comfort: Going to the same therapist as your friend or relative may provide you a great sense of comfort. Not only have you watched this person grow and learn throughout his or her time in therapy, but you’ve heard wonderful things about the therapist that he or she is seeing. Knowing that your friend or family member has been given the same support and guidance from a specific therapist can give you a sense of security and safety. Going to the same therapist as your friend may also allow you to open up more than you would ordinarily. This might be especially true if this is your first therapy session, and you’re unsure of what to expect. If it makes you feel more at ease knowing that this therapist has helped your relative, this could be a great place for you to start your therapy journey.

Not Having to Look Far: Chances are that you and your friend or relative live relatively close to one another. This means that the therapist’s office is close to your home or place of work. If your friend’s therapist is very convenient for you to get to, this could be another reason why you should consider seeing the same therapist. However, if you are considering going to someone else, you can see if your relative’s therapist is part of a practice. It could end up that there is a great therapist for you right in the same office.


Too Many Hands in the Puzzle: There are some drawbacks to sharing a therapist though. If at any point, you or the therapist feels like seeing a different therapist would be best for you, know that is in your best interest to stay in therapy and seek the help of someone who won’t feel like a middleman. One of the drawbacks of sharing a therapist is that it may create some tension between you and your friend. In this case, talk to your therapist about looking elsewhere to alleviate any issues that may arise from sharing a therapist.

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