Encouraging Growth, Changing Lives
Enriching Communities

Developmental Disabilities

Family Service Foundation (FSF) provides person-centered services that encourage growth in our clients, change their lives for the better, and enrich the local community.  We serve individuals with a wide spectrum of abilities and believe that each one of our clients can achieve the goals they set for themselves.  FSF is committed to giving our clients choices and assisting them with learning how to gain independence in their home, community, and work environment.  We accomplish this through Community Living Services and Meaningful Day Services.

Community Living Services

Community Living - Group Homes: Family Service Foundation maintains seventeen (17) homes throughout Prince George's, Baltimore, and Frederick Counties.  FSF provides community living supports that focus on helping individuals learn how to perform independent living skills within the home.  Supports are based around needs and preferences identified by the individuals themselves through a person-centered planning process and may include skill building around areas such as cooking, cleaning, shopping, budgeting, nutrition, and hygiene.  Individuals received support with daily living skills, as well as location of, and participation in, community activities.

The health and medical needs of individuals in our services are paramount;  FSF works with registered nurses to ensure that all medical needs are recognized and followed up on so that individuals can live happy and healthy lives.  All staff are trained by our registered nurses to administer medication as directed by a doctor.  Services also include assistance with regular medical appointments, as well as any needed follow-up.  FSF strives to provide Community Living Services where individuals feel at home in their residence.

Personal Supports:  Family Service Foundation provides drop-in services through our Personal Supports program to help individuals, living on their own or with family, to build independent living skills.  Services focus on skill building around budgeting, money management, cooking, nutrition, cleaning, shopping, fitness, and travel training.  Services are delivered on an as needed schedule and based around needs identified by the individual client and his or her team.  In addition to building skills inside the home, the Personal Supports program also focused on community integration.  FSF assists individuals with location of and access to community resources.  Individual clients can learn about resources available to help them grow their social networks as well.  Our goal is to help individual clients  gain as much independence as possible.

Meaningful Day Services

Employment Services: Family Service Foundation focuses our employment services on community-based, paid, competitive employment.  We work closely with individuals to support them in locating, applying to, obtaining, and maintaining jobs of their choosing.  Through the discovery process, we assist individual clients in finding out who they are, what they want to do, and what they have to offer.  FSF's goal in assisting individuals through employment services is to help them work independently in their community.  Services include resume development, interview preparation, follow-up, job coaching, and on-going follow-along supports.  When appropriate, we will also work closely with employers to develop customized employment opportunities for individuals in our services.

Community Development Services:  Family Service Foundation focuses Community Development Services on helping individuals learn about and integrate within their communities.  Activities include: volunteering, learning how to utilize public transportation, practicing community safety skills, identifying a path to employment, and participating in local community events, and engaging in activities that promote integration and inclusion in the community.  These activities are based around goals individuals set for themselves.  Individuals are picked up from home and taken out into the community for the entirety of the service time.  They are included in small groups to assist in practicing social skills with their peers.

Day Habilitation Services:  Family Service Foundation offers a community-based Day Habilitation program where individual clients are picked up from home and taken to one of three FSF day program sites.  From there, they divide into small groups, based on activity and choice, and go out into the community to participate in activities of their choosing.  We focus our services on supporting individuals to integrate into their communities, building social skills and creating opportunities such as picnics, movies, exercise, and volunteering, based on their needs and goals. Transportation to, from, and throughout the community is included in Day Habilitation services.