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3 Tips for Living with Visually Impaired People

visually impaired

Here are three ways you can make your home a livable and safe place for your visually impaired relative or friend.

When living with someone who suffers from any amount of vision loss, you want to make life as easy for this person as you possibly can. There are many ways that you can help someone who is visually impaired by focusing on a few things that are imperative for them to navigate space carefully. Here are three ways you can make your home a livable and safe place for your visually impaired relative or friend.


People who suffer from vision loss need their space as illuminated as it can be, but natural light is best. Whether in your home or in a public place, try to sit near a window where as much sunlight can flood through as possible. In addition to natural light, be sure to provide light that shines directly upon whatever your friend or relative may be looking at, whether it be a book, phone, or work space. It’s also a great idea to opt for light bulbs that mimic the warm, natural glow of sunlight. These types of bulbs are much easier on everyone’s eyes, especially those who are experiencing vision loss.


High contrast between colors is another way to make things simpler for a visually impaired individual. Black letters against a white background are far easier to see than any other color combination. Try to ensure that spaces and objects around your home contrast as much as they can. This is especially important in a kitchen where appliances and household objects need to be easily seen for safety purposes. Make sure that clocks, phones, tablets, etc. are all set to high-contrast settings as well.


Marking all appliances and other frequently-used household items will make a huge difference for your visually impaired loved one. Stickers with Braille lettering can be placed easily on the dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, TV remote, or anything else you can think of that your friend or relative will be using. Of course, you want to help this person as much as you can, but it is important to remember that he or she wants to maintain independence as well. Maximizing lighting, contrast, and using labels is a great way for a visually impaired person to do what they are used to doing without relying on the constant help of others.

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