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4 Ways To Maximize Your Therapy Sessions

Thursday, February 14th, 2019
Maximize Therapy Sessions
Use these tips to help maximize your therapy sessions.

Deciding to pursue therapy to talk about the issues you’re going through in life is a choice that could result in positive change in your life. It’s important to remember that it’s not enough to simply attend therapy. You need to put forward your best effort in therapy to ensure that you get the best results. Here are some strategies you can use to maximize your therapy sessions.

Record How You’ve Been Feeling

As we go through our lives, it’s easy to lose track of what’s been making us feel like we’ve been feeling. There are various stressors in our lives that we react to but it can be difficult to take a step back and reflect on exactly how we’ve been feeling. Recording situations that made you particularly stressed, angry, or sad will help you get to the foundation of your problems. They give you specific instances that you can talk to your therapist about and could even help you and your therapist see any patterns that might be arising in your life.

Let Your Therapist Take The Lead

It’s important to understand that your therapist is a mental health professional who likely has a wealth of expertise. This means they are qualified enough to lead your sessions where they need to go so you can get the most out of your sessions. Remember that therapy sessions aren’t necessarily one-sided venting sessions where you talk about your problems with no input. It should be a conversation between you and your therapist.

Manage Your Expectations

When seeking therapy, it’s important to be realistic with your expectations for how the sessions will go. Going to therapy is part of a long process of self-improvement that will take some time. Don’t go into your therapy sessions looking for a quick fix. Therapy can work for you but it’ll take some time to make that happen.

Be Prepared For Your Session

Make sure you’re ready for your session to ensure you’ll get the most out of it. This means that you should be on time and ready with any topics you plan to bring up during your session. Your therapist will appreciate your efforts and it’ll go a long way towards making sure your appointment goes smoothly.

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How To Encourage A Loved One To Seek Therapy

Wednesday, November 28th, 2018


Use these tips to encourage your loved one to seek therapy.

When someone you care about is struggling with their mental health, it can be difficult for them and you as well. You want the best for them but if you are not a mental health professional, you are limited in how you can help. Because of this, you may want to encourage your loved one to seek therapy. This could be difficult though because it is a sensitive subject and bringing this thought up the wrong way could bring negative consequences. Here are some ways you can tactfully recommend therapy to a loved one.


Could My Marriage Benefit from Couples Counseling?

Thursday, September 27th, 2018

Marriage counseling can help couples understand each other better

To maintain a positive and fulfilling marriage, both partners should have a set of skills that enables them to communicate effectively. Couples counseling is a great way to learn the necessary tools to create a positive and supportive environment in your home. Here are some of the benefits you and your significant other could experience in couple’s counseling.


How To Open Up In Therapy

Friday, September 21st, 2018


You have to work at it in order for therapy to work for you. With these five tips, you’ll find yourself opening up to your therapist.

When starting out on your therapy journey, you might feel unsure of what to expect. Maybe you’ve already started going to therapy, but you don’t feel that you are opening up very much. Therapy is a place for you to come and say whatever you need to get off of your chest. If you’re not talking, you’re not helping yourself. You have to work at it in order for therapy to work for you. With these five tips, you’ll find yourself opening up to your therapist. (more…)

How Does Family Therapy Work?

Friday, July 27th, 2018

family therapy

If you’re considering family therapy, here’s what to know before you make your appointment.

If you feel that there’s a group or individual problem within your family, family therapy can be extremely beneficial. You may feel as if your family has many issues that need to be addressed, and you are not alone. Many families seek the help of a therapist to have helpful conversations about problems that are hard to discuss otherwise. If you’re considering family therapy, here’s what to know before you make your appointment. (more…)

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