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What Is DORS and How Does It Work?

Working with DORS

When you work with DORS, you will feel independent and confident in your abilities.

As a part of our Developmental Disabilities services, Family Service Foundation works with individuals to help them find a job based on their skill level. We often train and assist our clients with assistance in developing and building their resumes through job tryouts, shadowing, and informative interviews. FSF often coordinates with DORS to help our clients find the right position for them. But what exactly is DORS and how can it help you and your loved one? Let’s take a look at this government funded service.

What is DORS?

The Maryland Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS) offers programs and services to help people with disabilities go to work. This program helps people with disabilities become fully and actively included in their Maryland community. DORS helps to provide leadership and support to promote employment and independence of these individuals. The program is composed of vocational rehabilitation (VR) programs and the Disability Determination Service. DORS offers a wide variety of programs and services for people with disabilities who are ready for the independence only a job can bring. The staff has developed specialized training for individuals with disabilities including blindness, vision loss, deafness, hard-of-hearing, deaf-blindness, autism, acquired brain injury, mental illness, and other disabilities. They also work with high school students and people who want to be self-employed.

How DORS Works

On your first visit to DORS, your counselor will work with you to help figure out some employment goals and services to help you reach these goals. Some of the services include career counseling, career assessments, work-readiness training, college or career training, job placement and coaching, and assistive technology. They will work with you to help you figure out your options and the pros and cons of each decision that much be made in order to reach your goal. Once you or your loved one has found a job, DORS will follow up to ensure you are successful and work with you and your employer to make adjustments if needed. Once you have worked successfully for 90 days, your DORS case will be closed. After it is closed, you will be able to contact your counselor for a “post-employment” service if needed. These services are free of charge and funded by the state of Maryland to help every citizen be independent. For more information on our employment services, call Family Service Foundation today!

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