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What are Community Learning Services?

Community learning services

Community learning services allow individuals with disabilities to learn a skill and help their community.

For many adults with developmental disabilities, holding a typical 8-hour job can be extremely hard. This can not only leave them dependent on someone else for their living costs, it can also contribute to frustration levels and leave them feeling depressed. But with our community learning services, these individuals – our clients -- gain skills that can be used to benefit members of the community and build self-esteem.  So what is community learning? Read on to find out!

Community Learning Services

When adults with disabilities are not able to hold a full-time position, another alternative is community learning services (CLS). CLS is for those who are not able to develop skills in the workforce but who want to be active in their community. These activities help cultivate community connections, promote positive personal growth, and perhaps boost their pursuit of part-time employment options. Every member of the CLS program receives a schedule based on their needs and preferences. So how do these services work?

The Services

While participating in CLS services, adults with developmental disabilities enjoy many different experiences. They will be guided and supported by a staff member as they attend different events and training sessions. Our aim is to help them select and participate in classes, seminars, workshops, or community-based recreational events. We can also help them participate in volunteer activities that could help to develop and improve work habits and behaviors. We seek to enhance their social networking abilities by participating in community-based clubs and organizations. These activities build their social skills while getting them involved in their community. For more information on participating in our community learning services program, call Family Service Foundation today!

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