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Hearing Loss Can Affect the Whole Family

Hearing Loss

Dealing with hearing loss in a family member will require some treatment as well as adaptation and understanding.

When someone in a family becomes ill or develops a physical or mental condition of some kind, they are not the only ones affected. When a family member becomes ill or disabled, it changes the way a family interacts and functions as they learn to accommodate the new situation of their loved one. Everything, from chronic illness to a broken limb to hearing loss, has an effect on the whole family.

Hearing Loss Can Cause Frustration

As a person loses their hearing, they may favor loud volumes that others cannot tolerate, causing them to leave the room. If sleeping schedules clash, the loud TV or computer might cause problems for whoever is trying to sleep. Many people living with hearing loss choose to avoid social functions, leaving them feeling isolated and unhappy, especially during the holiday party season. This also puts their loved ones in the position of choosing to stay home with them or go out without them. Some people with hearing loss do not want to admit it and use hearing aids or other technology to make communication easier, which can create a whole new set of problems.

Tips For Coping With Hearing Loss As A Family

While it can be a difficult adjustment, there’s a lot a supportive family can do to make things go more smoothly. One of the most effective and helpful things family members can do to help enable smooth communication is to make sure to get the attention of the person with hearing loss before they start speaking. If you are used to calling for one another from across the house, that will not work anymore. Make sure to make the other person aware of any conversation you wish to start before you start it.

Slow Down

Encourage family members to speak more slowly to allow everyone a chance to follow. While some people talk quickly naturally, many young children are excitable and will need to be reminded over and over again to speak more slowly.

Learn About Your Loved One’s Condition

Hearing loss affects people differently. Some lose the ability to hear certain registers and pitches, while others lose low volumes. Be sure to know what your loved one is dealing with so you can be understanding and helpful.

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