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Family Service Foundation Hosted “Choose Recovery 2016” Event

Choosing Recovery 2016

Choosing recovery is only one step away.

With a clear focus on both mental health and substance abuse recovery, Family Service Foundation (FSF) hosted the “Choose Recovery 2016” event. This program was designed to encourage growth, change lives, and enrich the community. Let’s take a look at this event and why you should choose Family Service Foundation for your mental health and substance abuse recovery.

The “Choose Recovery 2016” Event

Held on May 20th in Landover Hills, this event featured testimonials from current and past clients who shared how the foundation’s services changed their lives. One particularly touching testimonial was given by a young woman, Sandra McClain, who was diagnosed with a mental illness two years after graduating high school. McClain said she was had been in several different programs for much of her life but none of them dealt with personal issues as well as the physical symptoms of her mental illness. But thanks for the FSF, she was able to take back control of her life and able to resolve a lot of her problems. “I’ve come a long way,” said McClain as she addressed the small crowd, “I’m doing a lot better and I have recovered from a lot of mental illnesses. So you can recover and get better.” This is just one of several inspiring testimonials given throughout the day. Along with these testimonials, there was a poetry slam, musicians, and a guest speaker. Pauline Rose Moore, a former FSF employee turned motivational speaker and author, was the guest speaker for the event and shared her personal journey from being molested at a young age and overcoming these challenges through faith and triumph. FSF encourages people to overcome their personal challenges with counseling and its other services.

Why Choose Family Service Foundation?

FSF offers outpatient mental health clinical services including psychiatric rehabilitation and residential rehabilitation services for those with severe or chronic mental illness. The staff is trained and certified to provide each patient with the services they need. The Foundation also provides substance use counseling, family counseling, and other services for those in need including those who are deaf, deaf-blind, or hard-of-hearing. With the right support, you will be able to overcome your challenges. For more information on these or other services offered, call Family Service Foundation today.

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