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Is Anxiety Taking Over Your Life?


If you’re feeling some or all of these symptoms of anxiety, it’s time to talk to a mental health professional.

It may seem like ignoring your anxiety is the best way to deal with it, but that is almost never the case. Anxiety can be sneaky and find other ways to manifest itself in your mind and the way you perceive the world around you. Talking to a therapist is the first step toward a clear mind that is free of irrational fears. If you’re feeling some or all of these symptoms of anxiety, it’s time to talk to a mental health professional.

You’re Feeling More Rigid

Your day-to-day schedule is a huge part of who you are and what you do. Going to work, getting through your workload, driving home, managing your household, etc. All of these things are important to us. But if you find that you’re unwilling to stray even a little bit from your daily routine, it could be a sign that anxiety is taking over your life. You should feel able to mix things up and try new things. If any changes in your plans cause you any fear or irritability, you need to schedule an appointment with your therapist as soon as you can.

You’re Constantly Thinking “What If”

Those who suffer from moderate to severe anxiety usually find themselves playing that uneasy game of “What If?” If you’re constantly considering what the worst possible scenario is for every situation that you’re in, you need to talk it out with a mental health specialist. This is a clear sign that anxiety is controlling the way that you think and that irrational fears are altering your perception.

You’re More Irritable Than Usual

Do you find that you have moments of lashing out? It could be that you’re suddenly overcome with anger and yell at a loved one who truly doesn’t deserve it or know what he or she did wrong. This kind of irritability is another symptom of anxiety manifesting itself and surfacing when you least expect it. You may not completely understand why you’re lashing out when you do, but it’s just a common sign that you need to discuss with your therapist.

You’re Experiencing Muscle Pain

Physical manifestations of anxiety are common as well. If you have muscle pain, especially your neck and shoulders, this is a sign that your body is tense. Schedule an appointment for a massage and learn about body stretches you can do to combat this type of pain.

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