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5 Ways To Combat Mental Health Stigma


Being there for your friends who have a mental illness can help fight the stigma around it.

Mental health is very important, but the stigma of mental illness can lead to people not seeking the help they need. Many people are unaware of the truth behind mental illness, which leads to them having negative opinions about those who live with it. Combating mental health stigma is important and with these methods, you can make an effort to help end it.

Share Your Experiences

Telling others about your experiences with mental health can help to normalize it. The widespread misconception that mental illness is somehow uncommon perpetuates the stigma behind it. It’s easier for people to have a fear of or disdain for people who live with mental illness when they believe that those people aren’t part of the majority. Sharing your experiences will show the people in your circle to see that they are already in contact with a person who lives with mental illness. It is important to note that you should only do this if you feel comfortable doing so. If you feel that disclosing your mental illness could affect your safety, do not take this step.

Use Appropriate Language

Language that is biased against people living with mental illness is so ingrained in our culture that everyday sayings even contain them. It’s important for all of us to truly think about the language we are using when we talk about mental health. In addition to it being a good thing to do in general, it is important to be mindful of our words so we can avoid further isolating those in our circles who are living with mental illness.

Reach Out To Friends

If you know that your friend is living with mental illness, reaching out to them can be a great way to help lessen the burden of dealing with stigma they may be experiencing. This stigma can be especially isolating for the people who are living with mental illness, so any positive interaction you have with your friends who live with mental illness can work wonders.

Address Insensitivity

In our lives, we will likely come across people we know who express negative ideas about people living with mental illness. Sometimes this comes in the form of a joke or a derisive comment, but no matter how it presents itself, it’s important to address how those remarks contribute to the overall stigma about mental illness.

Share Resources

Much of the stigma surrounding mental illness and mental health, in general, comes from one thing: ignorance. Many people aren’t specifically aren’t aiming to be malicious to those who have a mental illness. However, this lack of knowledge can be devastating nonetheless. It’s vital to use the information you have to inform the people you are in contact with about the facts about mental health. By doing this, you can cut down on the spread of harmful myths and help make the world a more accepting place.

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