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4 Mental Health Tips for People Who Work from Home

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If you’re someone who lives with mental illness and works from home, these mental health tips will elevate your workflow.

As someone who lives with a mental illness, you may find working from home more difficult than others do. What’s important to understand is that you are not alone. Most people who work from home struggle with limiting distractions, staying on-task, and feeling productive. Working from home can lead you toward feeling lonely at times or even stressed, even when in the comfort of your own home. If you’re someone who lives with mental illness and works from home, these mental health tips will elevate your workflow.

Strive for Structure

There are many ways that you can create a structured work environment right in your own home. The most important part of building structure for yourself is the location of your workspace. Placing your desk near a window and maximizing the amount of natural light will help to keep you energized and motivated throughout the day. Setting rigid start and end times to your day will help keep you on-task as well. Any housework that needs to be done can be set for a time before or after your workday so that it won’t interfere with your work rhythm.

Set Reachable Goals

Living with a mental illness means that you have to understand your limitations and be wary of pushing yourself too far. Setting sensible daily and weekly goals for yourself is a good way to avoid taking on too much work and being disappointed in yourself when you couldn’t finish what you had set out to accomplish. Don’t defeat yourself from the start. Be realistic about what you need to work through to make for a productive week.

Find What Works for You

Everyone, whether they live with a mental illness or not, needs to find what works for them in terms of staying organized. If lists are what keep you on-track, make one as soon as you sit down at your desk. If you need to keep your website tabs in a specific order, find an order that maximizes efficiency. If you like to play music while you work, choose a playlist that will keep you focused rather than distracted.

Take Advantage of Feeling Good

When living with a mental illness, there are days when you feel great and days when you may struggle. Take advantage of the days on which you feel good and maximize your productivity. When you’re feeling particularly energetic and motivated, use those days to get ahead in your work. With that in mind, take bad days with a grain of salt, and remember that everyone has bad days and bad weeks. It’s no reason to self-loathe or feel unmotivated.

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